Grown and Sexified

This week is dedicated to the grown and sexy. You’ve been around then block, you’ve seen a few things and you know how to work a VCR, then this episode is for you.

Aging is a fun little rollercoaster of kids, job(s), finances, owning a home, aches, pains and now how the hell do I get in shape?

 Olivia and Amy discuss how working out as a more seasoned person (30 and over) can get you further than in your 20’s.

We also cover what programming looks like for you now. Working hard in your 20’s means you can take a more relaxed view on fitness AKA more intensity less volume; don’t know what that means, no worries, we'll explain.

So grab yo kids, hide yo wife, we talkin' grown and sexy on this amazing Monday!

Train nasty.

--Amy and Olivia

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