Just What The Doctor Ordered: Core Symptom #1 of Codependency

We are stoked to get this baby launched! It's super apparent to us that there is a lack of solid information around mental health and we'd like to stand in the gap and bring some knowledge, insight and understanding. Olivia, since she IS the resident therapist at NGP HQ, will be spearheading this up. Here's what you can expect:

1. Just What The Doctor Ordered will be much more brief than our regular episodes.

2. Olivia will be flying solo most of the time. Amy may pop in every now and again and a guest may, too, but largely you'll be chatting--er, listening--to Olivia

3. Topical discussions, book discussions, answering specific questions that are sent to us by YOU.

4. Always a good time.

Enjoy the show!

Codependency. You may not be able to really explain WHAT it is but you know it's bad, right? Olivia is going to unpack it for you over the next 5 weeks as she dives into the 5 core symptoms of codependency. Hold on to your hats, kids.

Do us a favor: go buy Pia Mellody's book "Facing Codependency" and walk alongside Olivia as she unpacks these big concepts.


Check out the original post Olivia wrote on Sunshine CIty Counseling's blog

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Being A Badass Entrepreneur with Jen Hutson of Burg CrossFIt in St. Petersburg, FL!

Today, on the Nasty Girls Podcast, we have a special guest, Jen Hutson of Burg CrossFit in St. Petersburg, FL! Jen is a super cool chick we want you to meet. Not only does she own and operate a CrossFit affiliate, she's a phenomenal CrossFit coach, expert on nutrition, competitive athlete, and the mother of one of the cutest babies on earth. Oh, and her fiancé is pretty handsome, too ;o)
She explains why it’s okay to say “F” it and do what you're passionate about. We also discuss what it was like taking the chance on starting a gym in a super competitive market, how the hell she wears all those business “hats” and how to get back in shape after having a baby without losing your mind.

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