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Just What The Doctor Ordered: How To Prioritize Myself And Not Feel Guilty About It

In today' episode, Olivia is answering YOUR questions. From time to time, Olivia will sit down with herself...a good friend...another counselor and chat about a question that YOU sent in. Cool.


Today's question...

"How do I learn how to prioritize my personal needs, wants, goals as a mother, wife, take-care-of-every-body-errr and not feel any guilt or shame about it?"


Grab your coffee, sit down and grab a notebook and pen. This is gonna be good.


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Just What The Doctor Ordered: Core Symptom #5 of Codependency

Just What The Doctor Ordered is...BACK!

If lacking boundaries or not knowing what we need and/or want was not enough of an indicator that codependency might be present, cue core symptom #5 of codependency.

Difficulty experiencing and expressing our reality in moderation.

The ability to moderately know what we are feeling, how to express it even how we behave is difficult. This key symptom affects our body, our thinking, our feelings and our behavior. It affects every aspect of our reality.

Let me show you what I’m talking about...

Here's the full blog post

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Oh, and just buy this book: Facing Codependency by Pia Mellody.

Zero To Hero: The Danger of Extremes

Do you ever find yourself being one of those folks that are all or nothing? You're either in 100% or nothing at all? Well, we might be talking to you this week when we cover the danger of extremes. 


Unfortunately we've all been there, you've had it, tomorrow is the day you're (insert crazy unrealistic thing here)--making the big change. You go out spend $300 at Whole Foods, enroll at a gym, buy new shoes and tell everyone and their mother that you're losing 25 pounds in a month.  Fast forward 2 weeks and your shoving king cones in your mouth faster than dale earnhardt jr's pit crew. 


What happened? 


The danger of extremes affects everyonenot just “that guy.” Sit you're butt down and let's figure this out.  



Train Nasty.

--Amy & Olivia

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Finding Your Edge: How Traveling Can Transform Your Life

We have a fascinating human on the nasty girls podcast today. If you've ever wondered what a life coach is or why you probably need one, we have the answer to that and so much more.

Antesa Jensen is the founder of Adventure Awake. They take you to an unknown location away from the comforts of your home, coach you into a better person and you leave a more whole version of yourself. It isn't easy to get into one of their trips, either. You have to interview to see if you're a good fit and if you're truly open to your life being transformed.

We also spend time discussing connection. If you feel disconnected and discouraged, Antesa shares tips and ways to guide you back to your true purpose. This was truly one of our favorites episodes we have done.

Oh, Antesa also has an online 6-week course that is coming up Nov. 1. Inquire more on her website!


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