Swipe Right For Nasty Girls: Exploring Rejection and Intimacy in Dating

Navigating the world of dating can be quite a humbling experience. What does it look like in your 20s versus your 30’s and so on?

We aren’t talking "how to date," necessarily, that’s the easy part. We are, however, talking connection, empathy, rejection what those all look like in your previous relationships.

Amy and Olivia discuss their experiences together and chime in on everything from social pressures to swiping right for love. How it's far more important to be authentic and your whole-self as a single lady than it is to be with someone just for the sake of being with someone.

Join us this week as we make you feel a little better about being single...for now.

Train Nasty.

--Amy & Olivia


The 5 Love Languages

The Enneagram


Just What The Doctor Ordered: How To Prioritize Myself And Not Feel Guilty About It

In today' episode, Olivia is answering YOUR questions. From time to time, Olivia will sit down with herself...a good friend...another counselor and chat about a question that YOU sent in. Cool.


Today's question...

"How do I learn how to prioritize my personal needs, wants, goals as a mother, wife, take-care-of-every-body-errr and not feel any guilt or shame about it?"


Grab your coffee, sit down and grab a notebook and pen. This is gonna be good.


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Relationships: How to avoid under water basket weaving and find authentic community

Friends.... how many of us have them? Besides us (hehe)... do you want more friends and if so do you know how to attain them? This week we are covering how to make friends as an adult (obvi we can’t just go to the park and ask people to be our friend).

We can all agree, it's not easy as an adult to make friends but are you self sabotaging yourself into a life of 18 cats and a knitting club membership? We give you all the tips on how to make meaningful relationships in your life and what to do if you struggle with connecting with others.

Olivia and Amy go over two very different types of personalities that could be causing you your solo trips to the beach. So, could it be YOU that's causing this issue? If it is, we got ya back! Check out this week’s episode to dig into some self reflection and make meaningful, lasting relationships with others.

Have fun!

—Amy & Olivia

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Sunshine City Counseling

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Get To Know Us: Will The Real Amy Tomlinson Please Stand Up

We are well into our relationship by now and figured you might enjoy getting to know your favorite hosts a little bit more.

In today's episode, Olivia takes on the challenge of interviewing Amy and asking the hard questions. You'll find a lot of courage and vulnerability in this episode and we hope it resonates with you. Let us know what stood out to you the most in this episode.

Side bar: Amy, I'm proud of you and to be doing this work alongside of you. Thanks for being a part of my story :)

--The Nasty Girls

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MINISODE: 13 Reasons Why We Love Mental Health Part 2

Wow. It is incredible how much incredible feedback we have received from our last episode: 13 reasons why we love mental health. Seriously. Mind-blown.

We figured that it was a big enough topic for us to come back and do a little minisode...and Olivia felt like she wanted to better explain a few areas that she just couldn't get to in the last episode. ;o)

So, we explored ways we self-sabotage, what the heck is codependency, why shopping around for a counselor is a super good idea and connecting with those around you because we're all going through something.

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--The Nasty Girls

Brene Brown: Daring Greatly
Olivia's video series on the 5 symptoms of codependency