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Asking For Forgiveness Rather Than Permission

Part of being a bad ass Nasty Girl is being assertive and showing up for yourself. Today, we are covering the concept of asking for forgiveness rather than permission. 

This is a very broad subject to cover so we break it down into easy to digest pieces so you can easily apply I️t to your life.

Leaving a relationship, getting a raise, or just doing something you feel is against the grain... let’s all start pushing the envelope towards your WHY!

Lastly we cover our favorite human Brene Brown (shocker) and her book, Rising Strong. Olivia reads some powerful messages from Brene on what forgiveness actually is and how compassion is a prerequisite to empathy and forgiveness.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy.

Train Nasty.

--Amy & Olivia

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Your New Fitness Home: Figuring Out The Best Gym For You and Your Goals (it may not be crossfit)

Hey! We get it...joining a new gym can be daunting! Kinda brings you back to being the new kid in school or moving for the first time, it's a sucky feeling. Luckily, if this has been on your mind for while and you're looking for guidance, Amy and Olivia are here to show you the majestic light that is joining a gym.

After the break we come back with advice on overcoming the awkward feeling when you actually do "the thing."

If excuses are your thing and, trust us we have plenty, we help you work through those to empower you to to take the leap. We also discuss tactics on how to actually choose a gym and steps to take when you are going in for the first time. So, get your paper out and prepare to find your new fitness home!

Train Nasty.

--Amy & Olivia

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